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What we've been learning.

Summer 2021



Spring term

January - March 2021


See the link below to access Google Classroom and see what we were learning using the remote platform and live lessons. 


Highlights were: 


  • Reading The Hobbit 
  • Algebra 
  • Reading, writing and playing rhythm in music 
  • Class 6 often achieved 97% attendance throughout 

Yay us!!!!

Autumn 2020

17-12-20 History report - WW2 British home front


After finishing reading Fireweed, a novel about two children fending for themselves in wartime London, we deepened our knowledge of Britain between 1939-1945. 


The class researched and wrote a report, based on elements of World War 2 focusing on the British home front:

  • rationing and the home
  • The Blitz air raids and shelters
  • affects on men, women and children including evacuation and work


Project culminated with assembling their writing and research into a poster, which we displayed around school, where pupils and staff were able to make comments on post it notes. 


I am very proud of the work the class produced and their resourcefulness and independence towards the project. 

11-12-20 programming a Crumble 


Combining electronics and programming, we built an algorithm and sent the data to the Crumble to make a flashing LED. 

North Crescent school election results Class 6 2020


Eco Warriors: Louie and Scarlett


Sport's Ambassadors: Demi and Zac


School Councilors: Zahil and Emilija



13-11-20 Crazy creative hair for Children In Need

Using Scratch and following scripts made from the blocks Class 6 were able to make a range of animations. They learned to create loops, change sizes, change colours and make innovations to the published algorithms. Today a spinning letter sprite; tomorrow Disney!

wc 9-11-20 Maths week

To end maths week we took part in the England-wide TTRS competition and Sumdog content, plus played multiplication board games. We have quick fingers and agile minds.

11-11-20 Science Day - paper aeroplane challenge


How many planes can be flown into a bucket in 3 minutes?


  1. Each pupil made 2 identical paper planes. 
  2. From 3 metres away they launched the planes in a 10 second period. 
  3. Counted and recorded how many planes landed in the bucket. 
  4. We repeated the same for every 10 seconds until we reached 3 minutes (10seconds x 18)

Fair test: 

  • the planes were an identical design and weight
  • the planes were launched from the same distance
  • we kept the door closed to avoid interference from the air
  • the only variable was the person throwing


From approximately 32 x2 x 18 planes launched: that's approximately 1152 planes in 3 minutes, the class successfully hit the target 5 times. The 5 successful flights were by different people. 2.304% success!


We'd like to change the plane design - weight of paper, weight of the nose, wingspan. Compare inside to outdoors. We wondered if the air temperature would make a difference. Changing the launch angle - lower perspective or from a higher point.


Then we played with the parachute - because it's been ages!!! laugh


14-10-20 Time Capsule Fairytales 


We welcomed Jon and Tim back to North Crescent and thoroughly enjoyed sharing and learning about the history of fairytales...and all of the gruesome gross to write here - ask the children!


And then we were whisked back to class and played with story cards and invented our own tall, terrible tales. 


But before the day was out, we wrote our own version of the classic Rumpelstiltskin, using a cleverly devised storyboard. We used the pictures, our memories and our imaginations to compose the well rounded story of the greedy king and the nasty bargains by the strange title character. 


And they were never seen again...happily ever after...Fin!



24-9-20 making digital art: filters and angles

15th - 17th September  River Walk


We went for a walk! In small groups we went to observe the River Crouch that flows through Wickford. We went to see the river with it's concrete banks all the way to the more natural setting of the Memorial Park. 


The bridge in the park was juts right to try to play Poohsticks. 


It was fun being out and we learned a lot about our town and the geography of rivers. 


In November, we're planning on another visit: to see the river again and also read the War memorial. 

14-9-20 Roald Dahl day - disgusting Mr Twit

10-9-20 reasoning about puzzles

9-9-20 Online workshop with Parliament