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Writing Tasks

Wb 18-5-20

Wb 11-5-20

4-5-20 Who would be your favourite fictional best friend and why?

Wb 27-4-20


Use this story starter on Pobble 365 to create your own story about a mysterious piano.

Use the photo below for inspiration for your story - the questions on the webpage will help to prompt you too.


I would love to see what you come up with - remember to email me at


Wb 20-4-20

It is the Queen's birthday on the 21st April, so what better way to celebrate and show our appreciation than by writing her a letter.

Use the template below to help you structure your letter. You could type or hand write your letter and even send it to Buckingham Palace!

Use this time to research the role of the Queen and what she has been working on this past year. Also try to find out why she has more than one birthday a year!

Remember to send your work to so I can read how well you've done.

Miss W :)

Week 2 30-3-20

Moving on from last week's writing task - use the video again to write a film narrative that would go alongside the film clip.

A narrative explains the story on screen - and there is no need to worry about inverted commas for speech as the characters do not use their voices.

Remember to include the following in your short story:

  • fronted adverbials and a range of openers
  • adjectives that are captivating and exciting
  • subordinating clauses to add extra information
  • exclamation sentences for the shocking, exciting parts
  • commas to allow for a break in longer sentences

Good luck with your mission - I look forward to reading them!


Week 1  27-3-20

Use the video below to answer the question "What would you wish for and why?"

For example, my wish would be to rescue a number of animals and have the facilities to care for them. Each time I visited the fountain I would no doubt be given a ne puppy, or a kitten to care for!

I would love to know what your wishes are - remember to email any work you do to so I can read them!

CGI 3D Animation Short Film HD "The Wishgranter" by Wishgranter Team | CGMeetup

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