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North Crescent Primary School

‘Guiding explorers of the future’

Welcome back. We hope you had a fab winter break. A busy term ahead! Don't forget you can sync your phone to the school calendar so you don't miss out on any future events. Thank you :)

Who's Who

Senior Leadership / Management Team

Executive Head: Mrs K Sansom

Head of School: Mrs L Mitchell

Deputy Head: Mrs A Griffin

Senior Leaders: Miss K Tucker (Inclusion Manager), Mrs E Strange (Curriculum Leader)


Teaching Staff

Miss C Couchman Explorers (EYFS)

Mrs J Barber Class 1

Miss L Whitwell Class 2

Miss K Thoupos Class 3

Mr E Alexander Class 4

Mrs A Griffin/Mrs R Kauffman-Mackenzie Class 5

Mrs E Strange Class 6S

Mrs C Green Class 6G



Learning Support Assistants

Mrs J Woodford, Mrs J Quick, Miss C Hatley, Mrs D Dunsford, Miss J Lock, Mrs A Clark, Mrs D Dolphin, Mrs E Taylor, Miss E Romankova, Miss S Reilly, Mrs J Lloyd, Mrs N Kaur and Mrs A Windebank.


Learning Mentor

Mrs A James


Breakfast Club

Mrs A Tanner (Lead)

Mr C Tanner, Miss S Reilly


Midday Assistants

Mrs A Clark (Senior MDA)

Mrs J Woodford (Play Leader)
Mrs J Jones, Mrs A Tanner, Mrs M McCarthy,Mrs J Webb + Mrs S Watts


Office Staff

Mrs S Jones, Mrs J Baker, Mrs L Sellwood


Site Manager

Mr M Hutson



Mrs K Holt

Kitchen Assistants

Mrs G Baldwin

Mrs R Brockman


Mrs L Moxley, Mrs G Baldwin, Mrs R Brockman