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North Crescent Primary School

‘Guiding explorers of the future’

What a fabulous day we had on Friday 18th! It was really brilliant to be joined by so many families in celebrating the Royal Wedding. Please let us know your thoughts on the event, as we welcome all comments. 😀

Who's Who

Senior Leadership / Management Team

Executive Head: Mrs K Sansom

Head of School: Mrs L Mitchell

Deputy Head: Mrs A Griffin

Senior Leaders: Miss K Tucker (Inclusion Manager), Mrs E Strange (Curriculum Leader)


Teaching Staff

Miss C Couchman Explorers (EYFS)

Mrs J Barber Class 1

Miss L Whitwell Class 2

Mrs D Dolphin / Mrs E Taylor Class 3

Mr E Alexander Class 4

Mrs A Griffin/Mrs R Kauffman-Mackenzie Class 5

Mrs E Strange Class 6S

Mrs C Green Class 6G



Learning Support Assistants

Mrs J Woodford, Mrs J Quick, Miss C Hatley, Mrs D Dunsford, Miss J Lock, Mrs A Clark,                    Miss E Romankova, Miss S Reilly, Mrs J Lloyd, Mrs N Kaur and Mrs A Windebank.


Learning Mentor

Mrs A James


Breakfast Club

Mr M Baker (Lead)

Miss C Hatley, Mrs J Georgieva


Midday Assistants

Mrs A Clark (Senior MDA)

Mrs J Woodford (Play Leader)
Mrs J Jones, Mrs A Tanner, Mrs M McCarthy, Mrs J Webb & Mrs S Watts


Office Staff

Mrs S Jones, Mrs J Baker, Mrs L Sellwood


Site Manager

Mr S O'Donohoe

Care Taker

Mr B Simpson 



Mrs K Holt

Kitchen Assistants

Mrs L Jones 

Mrs R Brockman


Mrs L Moxley, Mr R Griffin, Mrs R Brockman