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Adventurers Y4

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Adventurers 4

2022 - 2023

01.05.23 - 23.06.23


picture our planet


In this theme, the class will learn about Brazil, Scotland and Fiji - geography and culture.

31.03.23 - 28.04.23

Out and About


This theme explores map reading, including recognising physical, topographical and human features. Pupils will learn about the 8 points of a compass and symbols from an Ordance Survey (OS) Map.

Law and Order

07.03.23 - 28.03.23

In this theme we will learn about the role that rules and laws have in our lives. 

May the Force Be With You 

23.01.23 - 24.02.23

Gravity, friction and magnetisim. 

28.11.22 - 13.01.22

Cry Freedom 

This theme has an emphasis on culture. We will learn about slavery in Ancient Greece and how slavery exists in the our own time. 

31.10.22 - 25.11.22

Rocky the Findosaur

This theme involves investigating the properties of rocks and learning about how fossils are formed and the fossil record. 

05.09.22 - 15.10.22

In this theme we will be learning about the art and history of cartoons, comic books and animation.