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Phonics and Reading

Our Approach 

Learning to read is the most important thing your child will learn at our school. Everything else depends on it, so we put as much energy as we possibly can into making sure that every single child learns to read as quickly as possible. We want your child to love reading and to want to read for themselves. This is why we put our efforts into making sure they develop a love of books as well as simply learning to read.


We start by teaching phonics to the children in the Reception class using Letters and Sounds. This means that they learn how to ‘read’ the sounds in words and how those sounds can be written down. This is essential for reading, but it also helps children learn to spell well. We teach the children simple ways of remembering these sounds and letters. The children practise their reading with books that match the phonics they know. They start thinking that they can read and this does wonders for their confidence. Pupils are taught in mixed age groups across key stage 1, and through specific intervention, if required, in key stage 2.


We constantly review our practice in order to improve it so that our pupils are given every opportunity to learn, remember their learning, apply their learning and have fun!


We are pleased to announce that we have recently launched Monster Phonics 😊 

Monster Phonics is a fun, engaging approach to teaching a full systematic synthetic phonics programme using coloured monsters with matching texts, videos and songs. It covers all aspects of knowledge and skills. It aligns to Letters and Sounds and so will enhance and build on our current practice by ensuring that we have one full programme of teaching, guidance, resources and training. Teaching plans are provided to ensure consistency in delivery and so that teachers can concentrate on pupils learning.

As well as following a phonics scheme in school, our pupils take home books that are closely linked to the children’s current phonics phase so that they can practice and consolidate their skills. When ready, pupils move on to reading books using the Accelerated Reader Scheme.


When using Accelerated Reader, children complete a reading assessment every half term that assesses their understanding of language and comprehension and they are awarded a reading range that closely matches their reading ability. Children then complete quizzes after each book to ensure that they have understood what they are reading and that their banding continues to be appropriate for them. As well as actual books, pupils have access to Accelerated Reader books online through our account with MyOn so they have plenty of choice and opportunity.


After children have completed Monster Phonics, their reading and comprehension skills, and vocabulary knowledge, are developed through discrete reading lessons formatted to mirror Statutory Assessment style questions.