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Danbury 2018 Year 6 Residential Blog

Dive into our experiences at Danbury - hope you enjoy it as much as much as we did.

We built a bridge AND crossed it - How great is that!

Beware - danger on the ground

We discovered we faced more hazards on the ground than whilst harnessed in mid-air. You know, that dangerous: hot chocolate; or gravity; or suitcases.

Archery & BMX



Busy day today - four activities. The weather held out, warm but not roasting. Each time we got back together the groups quickly ran through how amazing what they had just done was. The enthusiasm was just brimming over. Every event came with a tale to tell:

"So funny when..."     "Really brilliant when...."     "I can't believe I did that."


The children were so inspiring the staff just had to join in too. Try to spot us in the pics.


Bedtime was a little smoother this time - the fun; the energy spent; the food eaten; feeling a little more at home - all helped us drop off to the land of nod. Of course sleeping had its own set of stories too. Who knew so many of our friends were night-time talkers - Casey's granddad in danger, Christian's army of guinea pigs and Jimmy's verbal shenanigans made Mrs G jump out of bed!

This tray is wet.

This is what happens, when you're having too much fun!

Still image for this video

A bit damp and chilly this morning. Along with lots of birdsong and teachers making tea the chirp of many boys reanimating can be heard.


Soon the sound of many hairbrushes and various exotic smells will greet the grey sky. And on to breakfast. 



So, day one done and dusted. We climbed, cycled, crawled and set fire to things. All safe and sound, apart from the massacre of a few marshmallows and Italian-style football skills. 

We were creative too: new games were invented, like pictionary where all the pictures had to be smiling and dabbing; something where tennis bats were used to herd strangely willing classmates around a field and  unique to cabins 10, 9 and 8 - 'Guess who is in the shower!' 


There are a few schools here and there was a short waiting to get our feet under the tables for hot chocolate and a biccy before bed. Despite the people it is very peaceful and the trees are full and lush. We have been warned to hide goodies, as local squirrels have been known to hang out around the humans, waiting for a chance at a sweet snack. 


Bedtime 'time' was somewhat flexible, but after a few false starts everyone dropped off.

Happy groups; aiming high.





Keep an eye on the latest weather reports to help with packing the right clothes. We'll be outside all day, everyday so make sure you have sun screen, refillable water bottle and a hat. 🌞💨


Just over a week to go, very excited! cheeky I've posted some pics of the activities we'll be trying out.