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Explorers YR

Online safety Summer 2022


Online reputation

As a class we were able to identify ways that we can put information on the internet.

Different technology we use eg; tablet, mobile, laptop and PC.

We can find information on anything on the internet.

We watched a video clip together about a girl named Emma who needed to contact her friends to invite them to her party.  As a class we discussed different ways we could contact our friends using all the different technology. 


Copyright and ownership


Today we watched a video asking us to help solve a puzzle. Emma told us that she had 2 very sad teddies who had fallen out over a picture they both said they had drawn. The children talked to their talk partners and we all agreed that we need to put our names on our work to show that it belongs to us.  

Privacy and Security

We discussed the importance of never sharing personal information online to anyone. Never tell anyone your age, where you live or even your name. When playing a game it would be safer to use a pretend character name instead. We had fun making up names that we could call ourselves. 

We would only ever share our personal information with a trusted adult.

Our trusted adults included our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. At school it would be our teachers and staff.





Online Relationships

Online Bullying

We talked about ways that we can communicate to each other using mobile phones, laptops, PCs etc. We can use them to type a message or facetime. 

We discussed that we only talk to people that we know and not to strangers. We never give out personal information including our names, age and where we live etc.

If we are not sure we need to ask a trusted adult.

We never share photos on the internet and that anything we put on is there forever. 

If we are playing on the internet with our friends , that we know, we must always be kind to them. If they are unkind to you, you must tell your trusted adult. We use our kind words the same as if we were playing with them face to face. 


Managing online information

Health/wellbeing and lifestyle

 In Explorers we watched a a video called "Smartie the penguin" 

 Smartie helped the children understand the importance of staying safe whilst using the internet. With different scenarios we talked about what to do if a pop up appears or what to do if we see something that we are unsure about.

In Explorers we use "Viewpure". Youtube has adverts on it that may not be suitable for children, by using Viewpure, we know that what they are viewing is always safe.

We always make sure that the games that we play are for our age range. Sometimes our older siblings may use the same device and leave their games on. If we are unsure, we tell our trusted adult.


8-2-22   Safer Internet Day

Health, wellbeing and lifestyle

To identify rules that help keep us safe and healthy in and beyond

the home  when we are using technology.

To give some simple examples of these rules.

In EYFS we promote the safe and responsible use of technology.

Y.G said "You don't click on pop ups"

K.B. said " We must not talk to strangers"

A.B. said " You need to keep safe"

R.L. said " Wait for an adult"

D.T said "We do not push the button"



December 2021

Click the link to see the latest advice to stay safer online over the winter break.


September 2021

Online safety - School Rules 


Today we discussed the school rules on the use of technology. We signed to show our agreement to these rules and displayed the Acceptable Use Agreement in our class.