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Class 4

March 2019  Safe Research


We were learning to insert images and hyperlinks to presentation software; so that the images and sites we used were suitable and safe we used Safe Search Kids, which opens Google search with stronger filters. This way we can look for content, images, wiki and videos, with more confidence and safeguards.




5-2-19 Safer Internet Day


Class 4 are Safer on the Internet


We discussed and took a quiz to test our skills to detect fake Internet content - we learned to question what we read and check the facts.




We shared how we use the Internet and talked about ways to stay safe while playing and communicating online.



Do you know who you are playing with? Are they real friends? What should I do if I see or hear something that upsets me?




We learned about how to make passwords strong.




Content written in texts and emails can sometimes not say what we meant to say. We read messages and rewrote them to make sure they sounded kind. Ask yourself: Is it kind? Is it helpful?




What will your digital footprint be? Will your content be helpful or harmful to you in the future? How can we control what is put online? We talked about our rights to not having images and content uploaded about us. Family photos used to be shared on the sofa in a photo album...but now every bad hair day or messy dinner can be shared intantly and FOREVER.




10-9-18 We Can Talk About Risk


We looked at some images of activities with technology and that we may do our free time. We talked about and rated out of 10 the amount of risk involved, not just for us right now but also in making choices for our future. Words we discussed were: risk, danger and hazard.

What score would you give these things?