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Winter Light Festival is this Thursday at 5pm. Look forward to seeing you all :-)

Pathfinders Y2

Anti-Bullying Week

15th November to 19th November

Online Bullying

This week we talked about what we do online and the devices we use to access the internet. We discussed how, just like real life, our digital life can make us happy or even sad. We suggested who we can use technology to talk to e.g Nan and Grandad, friends, mum & dad but we learned we should not use technology to talk to strangers. We thought about how we would feel if someone says something nasty online to us. We also talked about who we could ask for help if we were worried about anything we saw or heard online. 

We read the story Troll Stinks by Jeanne Willis

After we read the story we discussed some of the issues that arose like taking the farmer's phone instead of returning it, searching through someone else's phone and sending mean messages to the Troll, someone they had never met. 

We rehearsed what we should do if we are bullied online:

  • Don't respond or reply.
  • Save the evidence... take screenshots.
  • Tell a trusted adult.
  • Block the bully.
  • Report it!

Finally we talked  and wrote posters about how important it is to speak to people nicely online.





Be Internet Brave

Online safety - School Rules 

 We discussed the school rules on the use of technology in school.

All the children signed to show their agreement to these rules.

We displayed the Acceptable Use Agreement in the classroom alongside our Online Safety poster.