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Whether you are a returning pupil or new or starting school, we wish you all a warm welcome to North Crescent for the Autumn term.

Class 5

9 - 2 -21

Today we took part in Internet Safety Day with the theme of ''Fake News'' online.

We discussed many negative ways that fake news can travel throughout various pieces of technology, including hackers, phishing messages, fake headlines, clickbait, sock puppet accounts, bots and satire sites.

We spoke about the effects these different areas can have on people and the signs to look out for. Check out the Internet matters website below for more information on this topic.

After doing some research, we took part in an online quiz to see if we can spot the signs ourselves. We did very well and some of us scored top marks! There are 3 quizzes to take part in, check them out below:


To then put what we had learnt into practice we created some posters to inform others about what we had learnt on Fake News online. Here are some of the Jamboards we created: