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Pupil Voice

Pupil voice

The term ‘pupil voice’ refers to ways of listening to the views of pupils and/or involving them in decision-making. You may also hear the expressions ‘learner voice’ or ‘consulting pupils’.

A feature of effective leadership is engaging pupils as active participants in their education and in making a positive contribution to their school and local community.

Why involve children and young people?

Some of the benefits of involving children and young people in decision making are:

It encourages pupils to become active participants in a democratic society - by holding youth parliaments and school councils which develop skills such as co-operation and communication and encourage them to take responsibility.

It contributes to achievement and attainment - young people involved in participative work benefit in a range of different ways. Increased confidence, self-respect, competence and an improved sense of responsibility have all been reported by young people who contribute in school. Schools also report increased motivation and engagement with learning.

Pupil Voice at NCPS

Pupil Voice at NCPS 1
Pupil Voice at NCPS 2
Pupil Voice at NCPS 3
Pupil Voice at NCPS 4
Pupil Voice at NCPS 5
Pupil Voice at NCPS 6
Pupil Voice at NCPS 7
Pupil Voice at NCPS 8

Some of the ways we exercise pupil voice at North Crescent Primary School


Our pupils use a range of methods to share their views and opinions: in out-door areas; in classrooms; in their books; in extra-curricular clubs; daily assembly.


Pupils are taught verbal and non-verbal means to communicate including:

  •  self and peer assessment of understanding and progress
  • emotional well-being and state, is being taught through Zones of Regulation and opportunities (formal and informal) for PSHE
  • elected pupils have been selected as Junior Governors, Sports Ambassadors and Eco-Warriors
  • regularly updated notices on display for clubs, events and break times
  • adapting events and environments to suit pupils, staff and visitors
  • ensuring learning environments, including the website, are safe, stimulating and functional, which represents contributions from all of our pupils
  • children helping to plan events, such as future lessons, family events and fundraising