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Pathfinders Y1

Spring term

During the spring term we have learnt of when we should ask permission to do something online and explain why this is important.
We spoke about using the internet with adult support to communicate with people we know ( e.g. video call apps or services) and who these people might be 
We looked at why  it is important to be considerate and kind to people online and respect their choices.

Lesson 1 and 2 What does permission mean?- We had a discussion about what permission means when online and how we should click on things without permission we watch the video below as an example.  We all discussed when to ask for permission to do something online.


We also watched this video to the importance of having permission from each other to share things



Autumn Term 

During the autumn term we learnt to recognise that there may be people online who could make someone feel sad, embarrassed or upset and something happens that makes me feel sad, worried, uncomfortable or frightened

We also learnt to give examples of when and how to speak to an adult we can trust and how they can help.


Lesson 1 We looked at what makes you feel sad, embarrassed or upset? 

Lesson 2 L2 – What can we do if something makes us feel sad, worried, uncomfortable or frightened?

December 2021

Click the link to see the latest advice to stay safer online over the winter break.


We wore odd socks to show that we are always friendly and kind. We made pairs of socks - come and see our colourful washing line. 

September 2021

During our learning means the world lessons we have discussion about how to keep themselves safe from online bullying such reporting,saving (print screening) and blocking.


Be Internet Brave

Online safety - School Rules 

 We discussed the school rules on the use of technology in school.

All the children signed to show their agreement to these rules.

We displayed the Acceptable Use Agreement in the classroom alongside our Online Safety poster.