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Are you looking for a school place? Please see our Admissions tab under Key Information. We are always happy to show prospective pupils and their families around our school. Tours are always available. Looking for extended hours? Our breakfast club opens at 7.40am. Our after school provision runs until 5.30pm.

Autumn term: What have we been learning?

11.11.22 Poppies for remembrance

We collaborated with Adventurers 3 to make a large wall hanging.

Rocky The Findosaur October - November 2022

We investigated the properties of rocks. Testing for: permeability (waterproof), durability (scratch test) and density (floating). We asked- Are all rocks the same? We learned that they are not. We also learned that rocks are formed in different way. Rocks are formed over time by:

igneous - from volcanoes

sedimentary - from layers 

metamorphic - from changes by heat and pressure



That's All Folks September - October 2022

We made zoetropes, which were an early form of animation.

We used stop motion animation to create a short video. This group planned their 'shots' aiming for 12 photos making 12 frames per second. We learned that animation is a skillful and time-consuming activity. Maybe we'll produce the next Nick Park!