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Autumn term: What have we been learning?

Christmas in the community

We collected and donated to the local foodbank and the Rev Sue Wise kindly came to pick-up our boxes. We devised our own fayre activity, to name a fairy and dinosaur, which was very popular with our visitors. And we went to the local theatre to see Peter Pan as a pantomime. 

December: we learned the story of A Christmas Carol

12.12.22 Festive family crafts

11.11.22 Poppies for remembrance

We collaborated with Adventurers 3 to make a large wall hanging.

November: we were reading

October: we were reading

Rocky The Findosaur October - November 2022

We investigated the properties of rocks. Testing for: permeability (waterproof), durability (scratch test) and density (floating). We asked- Are all rocks the same? We learned that they are not. We also learned that rocks are formed in different way. Rocks are formed over time by:

igneous - from volcanoes

sedimentary - from layers 

metamorphic - from changes by heat and pressure



That's All Folks September - October 2022

We made zoetropes, which were an early form of animation.

We used stop motion animation to create a short video. This group planned their 'shots' aiming for 12 photos making 12 frames per second. We learned that animation is a skillful and time-consuming activity. Maybe we'll produce the next Nick Park!

September - we were reading