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Hope you are all keeping well and are cracking-on with the Homelearning activities on the class pages. If you need to make contact with the school during the closure, email: or phone in case of an emergency (between 8:30 - 4:00 only) on 07984693672.

Class 6


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November 2019


While searching for historical facts we used Google Kids Safe Search. Because, as we discussed the search engine cannot read our minds and so we have to refine our searches not just type in the first thing we think of.


It also cropped up from contact that the children have with each other outside of school, that sometimes messages shared are not always very friendly. That we have to be mindful of the way we communicate and who we send messages to. We refreshed our recall of being kind and thinking before we share.



September 2019


We have been learning what web browsers; a URL (uniform resource locator) and hyperlinks are.


This raised the issue about safe searching. Clicking hyperlinks between, what seems like similar or linked subjects, could take us to unexpected places. We talked about that our search history, especially at school, is not private - but is logged and can be checked - not just now...but in the future. Choices we make today could affect our future.

We signed our IT use agreement, to aim to use technology safely and responsibly.


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