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Summer term: What have we been learning?

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25.05.23 Outdoor learning: whittling and dipped apples

This week we finished reading Charlotte's Web. In the book, the characters Fern and Avery have 'candied apples' at the county fair. This inspired us to make our own choccy apples. 

So we used our outdoor learning lesson to learn to whittle a stick to make our own skewer. By making our own we saved money, ensured the product came from a safe, sustainable source, had zero travel miles. 

It was great fun. the children were responsible and acted safely at all times and the chocolate was yummy. What a splendid way to end half term!

Picture Our Planet 

In this this theme we compare Brazil, Scotland and Fiji, by using images, film and sound to explore the geography and cultures. 

05.05.23 Coronation Celebration

04.05.23 planting

We made pots from old newspaper and planted a variety of herbs and some sunflower seeds.

When the basil, thyme, rosemary, mint and coriander have grown we hope to use them for cooking. 

02.05.23 map making and reading

The class drew a map of the field. The map included a grid reference, Ordanance Survey symbols and 8 compass points. They challenged each to find hidden objects by using the references. 

30.03.23 observing human and physical features 


Human features are manmade things found in the geography, whereas physical features exist in the geography whether humans are there or not. Our class looked around the school grounds to find human and physical features. 

Out and About 

30.03.23 - 28.04.23 

In this unit we'll learn about the human and physical features of the UK; 8 points of a compass and use Ordanance Survey maps and symbols. 

We're reading...