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North Crescent Primary School

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Local School Board

Our newly formed Local School Board (LSB) plays an extremely important role within the school. They offer support, make decisions, have regular meetings with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), and are dedicated and committed to the cause of improving North Crescent Primary School.  

All members are unpaid, give up a huge amount of time to our school, and are committed to putting children's education and wellbeing at the heart of our decisions.


Who are these fantastic people that form a link between the community and the school? Let us introduce them.


Jurgens van Niekerk Chair Co-opted Governor
Rob Chudleigh Vice Chair Co-opted Governor
Susan Matthews Vice Chair Co-opted Governor
Natalie Grundy Parent Elected Governor
Kelly Warman Staff  Elected Governor
Annie Griffin Staff Elected Governor
Francine Bissendon Link Trustee  
Sharon Walker Headteacher  


Terms of Office:

Co-opted Governors - 4 years

Elected Parent Governors - 3 years

Elected Staff Governors - 1 year


Pecuniary Interests: None


To contact the Chair of Governors, please write to Mr Niekerk at the school address.