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Spring term: What have we been learning?

31.03.23 Law and Order

30.03.23 wet play


We have had a few days, over the last week or so, indoors due the heavy rain. The class have enjoyed playing chess, Twister, stacking cups and dominoes. 


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After recalling what an algorithm is, the class wrote an algorithm using standard flowchart shapes and symbols. Next the children used Scratch, following a tutorial - to make a chase game. 

They used a range of skills: designing, selecting code blocks, testing, evaluating and at every stage debugging. 

Library Bus

Look out for a form after half term to join Essex library - for free. Books cost a lot of £££ so why not jump into a book from the library or explore their online resources too. Support our local library - 800 have closed in the UK since 2010 - if don't use it we could lose it.

We are reading Charlotte's Web by EB White 

16.03.23 outdoor learning

We began by learning to tie a basic knot and then tying shoe laces. Afterwards, the children, in pairs, took part in a team challenge. 

08.03.23 planning and teaching

As part of the Law and Order theme, pupils had to plan a learning experience. They had to consider what to do; how to teach it; safety; support and challenge for their pupils - and then teach it, whilst maintaining order and discipline. Not as easy as it looks. They all did a wonderful job. 

We are reading Cloudbusting by Malorie Blackman 

08.02.23 science forces

We investigated pushing and pulling forces. How do you make things move? How do things move greater or lesser distances? How do things slow down or stop?

02.02.23 National Storytelling week

Once upon a time, under a visualiser or on the board, some clever children made puppets and backgrounds to tell stories. "Aren't we clever!" said the children. "Let's do it again next year."

The class used lolly stick puppets with reversable faces and even some string hair let down through a window in a paper tower. Clap, clap, clap!

February: we were reading

Cry Freedom

We learned about how enslaved people have been used in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America for thousands of years and how people in the 19th century like  Harriet Tubman   in the USA and William Wilberforce in England, although two very different people - made significant changes to the lives of enslaved people in their own time but in history.


January: we were reading