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Class 2

Be Internet Strong

11-2-20     Safer Internet Day

Today we looked at ways of staying safe when online.

We talked about the things we do when we are online and discussed what information was ok to share  and what information we should keep safe. We also talked about how we can be 'Free to be me' when online by helping to create an internet where we are free to be ourselves.

We read the story of Digiduck’s Famous Friend where we learned that people online may not always be who they say they are, and that ‘friends’ made solely online are still strangers. It also reinforced the importance of

keeping our personal information safe.

Read the story below.


Finally we took part in the Snakes and Ladders Bee-Bot challenge. We threw the dice and moved the Bee-Bot on the board. When we landed on a square we read the online scenario and decided whether it was a safe choice or a poor choice. It was a bit tricky at times to program our Bee-Bot to slide down the snakes.

Look at the  photographs on the slideshow below.

Be Internet Kind

10-1-20   Safe search engine Kiddle

Today we used the safe search engine Kiddle to find copyright free images of Queen Victoria for our Digital art project. We discussed how we should respect the work of others when searching for images online.

2-10-19    Kiddle

Today we talked about why we should use a safe search engine for children.

We practised searching using Kiddle to find images of space rockets for our research in our Design & Technology lesson.


Be Internet Brave

E-safety - School Rules 

 We discussed the school rules on the use of technology in school.

All the children signed to show their agreement to these rules.