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North Crescent Primary School

‘Guiding explorers of the future’

Parent tours are available for your child starting school in September 2022! Please contact the school office for details on 01268 765905 :-)

Who's Who


Headteacher: Sharon Walker

Assistant Headteacher: Annie Griffin


Explorers: Miss E Laverty

Pathfinders 1: Mr M Baker

Pathfinders 2: Mrs J Barber 

Adventurers 3: Mrs E Strange

Adventures 4: Miss C Couchman

Navigators 5: Mrs A Griffin

Navigators 6: Mrs M Edwards  


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Clark

Mrs J Lloyd 


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs H Cane

Mrs M Oloughlin

Mrs E Romankova 

Mrs J Summers

Mrs L Van-Niekerk

Mrs H Wallace

Mrs K Warman 

Mrs J  Woodford


Inclusion Mentor

Mrs J Quick



Mrs E Strange


Extended Hours Staff

Mrs Cane - Breakfast Club


Office Staff

Mrs J Baker

Mrs E Byford


Site Staff

Mr P Newman


Kitchen Staff

Catering Manager: Miss L Copperthwaite

Assistant: Mrs L Barter

Assistant: Miss R Jones


Senior Midday Assistant

Mrs E Byford


Midday Assistants

Mrs T Beresford

Miss R Gower

Mrs J Jones

Ms M Pereira

Mrs J Quick

Mrs A Tanner

Mrs J Webb