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Latest online safety information for parents

Setting up apps, games and software


Social Media and Health





Overwatch 2


Call of Duty

Tips for Supporting Children in Dealing with Grief

It’s important that trusted adults feel able to help children and young people cope with grief –particularly at the moment, when we are mourning the loss of a public figure who was cherished by so many. Children are seeing bereavement and sadness being featured heavily the national news and in their favourite online spaces, and hearing it being talked about extensively among families and in the community. How can we help them in processing grief healthily at this potentially upsetting time?

In the guide, you'll find tips such as understanding what grief is, encouraging coping strategies and reaching out for support.

The Life of Queen Elizabeth II

Take an appreciative look back over the remarkable life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with our timeline poster.



What Parents Need to Know about Roblox - A free online safety guide on Roblox.

In the guide, you'll find tips on a number of potential risks such as online daters, in-app purchases and contact with strangers.

Everything parents need to know about Amigo to keep their children safe. 

Back to School

Spot the Online Safety Tips for Going Back to School.

Google Chromebook

This guide highlights a number of risks such as addiction, malware and your child having access to the internet at all times.


This guide highlights a number of risks such as addiction, unrealistic ideals and the influencer culture.

Keep children safe online over Summer 


The Amazon Fire Tablet

Loot Boxes

12 Ways to Champion Equality Online


A computer gaming digital distribution platform and storefront.

The platform allows people to trade, sell and buy gaming items for real money. 

Minecraft    Age  7+



Twitch is a livestreaming service which tends to focus on gaming. 

Virtual Reality

The Metaverse


Discord allows users to communicate in real time via text, video or voice chat. 

Online Safety for under fives

Top tips to help the under fives start their online safety journey. 

Group Chats

YouTube - Parent Allowlisting

The YouTube Kids app was introduced in the UK in January 2016 and was designed to allow younger children to use YouTube in a more managed (moderated) way whilst giving parents extra controls. Whilst it is a great app, very few younger children use the YouTube Kids service. The biggest reason is usually because the channels/videos that the children want to watch are not available on the YouTube Kids app.

This has now changed. YouTube have introduced a new service called Parent Allowlisting which can be used on mobile devices where a parent can approve a video/channel from the main YouTube app into their child's YouTube Kids account. Watch the video explainer video below.


Share content from YouTube to your child's YouTube Kids experience


What Are Anonymous and Honesty Apps?

At their core, these are apps which allow users to interact with each other without revealing who the users are. They are used for a variety of reasons, such as being able to ask questions that may be embarrassing, but equally they can be used to cause harm. 

Internet Matters have put together a really useful page which answers many questions around anonymous and honesty apps. Click on the link below to read this guide. 

Setting Up Devices for Children

There are many  features that are available on devices, broadband etc. which can be used to help protect children. Internet Matters have a huge range of advice and guidance, which includes simple guides to set up devices including tablets, phones, gaming devices and much more. Click on the links below for a checklist and links to website to find more information on how to protect your child. 

Recognising Fake News

The internet and social media have changed the way we learn about the world around us. With so many sources of information, it can be hard to keep up with what is real and what is fake online. 

Click on the links below for further advice, to play the 'Find the Fake Quiz'  and watch the video. 


Expert tips to support children's' critical thinking | Internet Matters

KS2 - Cyber Sprinters

Cyber Sprinters is a set of activities and puzzles from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)aimed at primary aged (KS2) children. They contain really useful activities such as learning about passwords, keeping personal information safe, suspicious messages and much more.  Click on the link below for the activities and to play the Cyber Sprinters game. 


Changing conversations

Empowering vulnerable children in a digital world

Research shows that vulnerable children experience significant benefits from being online. However, they are also more likely to experience online risks. As such, they require very specific support to develop digital resilience to benefit safely.

Changing conversations explores the current approach to online risks faced by vulnerable children and how regulators, professionals and parents/carers can change these practises to better support these children. Read the full report by clicking on the document link below. 

Tik Tok (rated 12+)

This parent guide outlines the steps that parents can take to help keep their children safe while using TikTok.


What parents need to know about Facebook

Download the guide by clicking on the link below