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Pathfinders Y1

7-12-22  Health, wellbeing and lifestyle

L.I. To identify rules that help keep us safe and healthy in and beyond the home when we are using technology.

We reminded ourselves of the rules for using technology at school, we looked at our acceptable use agreement that we signed at the beginning of the school year and then talked about the rules that the children had at home for using technology. 

22-11-22  Managing Online Information

L.I. To know/understand that I can encounter a range of things online, including things I like and don’t like as well as things which are real or make-believe/a joke.

L.I. To know how to get help from a trusted adult if I see content that makes me feel sad, uncomfortable worried or frightened.

Today, we thought about things online that we like/don’t like and things that are real/make believe/a joke. We sorted discussion cards into the two categories.  We concluded  that sometimes, it is really hard to tell if something online is real or not because  anyone can create content online. Just because it is online, it doesn’t make it real.

10-11-22 Managing Online Information

L.I. To  give simple examples of how to find information using digital technologies (e.g. search engines, voice-activated searching).

Today, we  talked a bit more about how we can find out information using technology, and how we can make sure we do it safely. We looked at finding  information about Queen Elizabeth II.  Then we ordered instructions to show how we found out information about her. We used the safe search engine 'Swiggle'. 

19-10-22 Managing Online Information

To identify devices I could use to access information on the internet.

To talk about how to use the internet as a way of finding information online.

First we found out what the internet is. We found the internet is made of computers connected to each other around the world.  When we use websites and some apps, we are using the internet. We can also access information on the internet. We looked at using the children's safesearch engine 'Swiggle'. 

Finally we looked at a picture of a living room and identified all the devices that could connect to the internet e.g. phone, TV, laptop, alexa. 

13-10-22 Self Image and Identity

To identify who our trusted adults are. 

Today we talked about who our trusted adults are in school,  at home or when we go to clubs. We drew them on a hand to remind us that they will always be there to give us a helping hand. 

5-10-22 Self Image and Identity

To recognise that there may be people online who could make someone feel sad, embarrassed or upset. 

Today we looked at the difference between the three emotions - sad, embarrassed and upset.  We  looked at how our mood might change at different times during a day and why this might happen due to online or offline activities. 


28-9-22 - Self Image and Identity

To recognise, online or offline, that anyone can say ‘no’/‘please stop’/‘I’ll tell’/‘I’ll ask’ to somebody who makes them feel sad, uncomfortable, embarrassed or upset.

The children showed how their faces might look when they were experiencing different emotions by playing the  'Guess how I might be feeling?' game. Together we decided on a gesture we could use online or offline to say 'STOP' if something makes us sad or uncomfortable. 


Be Internet Brave

Online safety - School Rules 

 We discussed the school rules on the use of technology in school.

All the children signed to show their agreement to these rules.

We displayed the Acceptable Use Agreement in the classroom alongside our Online Safety Poster.