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If you can read all 200 high frequency words, it is estimated that you will be able to read 60% of all texts in English. That is amazing! And so achievable - so just do it. 

Reading books


  • At school the pupils take a reading assessment on Accelerated Reader called a Star Test.
  • The Star Test generates a ZPD (zone of proximal development) code.
  • The ZPD code directs pupils to a range of books, which suit their ability and appropriate level of challenge.
  • Pupils read the books at home - colour a leaf to earn rewards.
  • When pupils have read the book, they can take an online quiz at school - and choose a new book.
  • Pupils can read, quiz and change books as often as they like.
  • We'll re-assess each half term to keep the ZPD up-to-date.

Class Books 


Reading is at the heart of our curriculum - we have reading lessons everyday for decoding, vocabulary and comprehension. Our writing in English is inspired by high quality, text-rich sources. 


We also have class books that we read for pleasure. 


Our current book is