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Class 6G



We had an afternoon of using the laptops and Ipads to research an author this afternoon.  We wanted to find as much information as possible on our favourite authors so we can write a biography on them.  We searched using Primary Safe Search ICT and discussed Wiki pages.

We discussed the fact that anyone can write them and we need to take care what information we trust on the internet.  We talked about finding the fact three times, in three place to think it may be true- you can't believe everything you read on the internet!


Mrs Green

07.02.18. Role-play/Drama E-safety themes

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After such beneficial discussions yesterday, we decided to continue e-safety today. We acted out two role plays with the theme of respect. We created and ending which we could use in real life and then showed the other group. Very mature discussions again and well delivered!


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06.02.18. Internet Safety Day. We looked at three activities... we talked about how we would feel in different scenarios. We then competed an activity explaining how we'd feel in each. THen we discussed what we go on and what we would do if something upset us. We talked through all the options of who to tell- from the CEOP button to parents-from the police to how to report on facebook and instagram etc. The children then explained what they would do in different situations. Finally the children made a pledge on how they would stay safe on the internet.

During Autumn term, we learnt how to search the internet safely.  We use Primary Safe Search ICT.  We looked at how many websites become filtered once you go through a safer search engine.  The children were amazed by how much was then blocked!


We love using the internet to support our lessons but we know how as amazing as it can be, it can also be dangerous and we need to do all we can to protect ourselves.


We learnt about the report button and discussed what we do if we come across something that makes us uncomfortable in class- Minimise the screen-do not leave the page.

                                    - Talk to an adult.

                                    -  The adult will then report the page to the Essex team.


Mrs G :)