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We have spaces in our 'Outstanding' EYFS (Ofsted 24) for September 2024. New Pre-school for 2 year olds and Nursery for 3 and 4 year olds opening mid September 2024.

Cold weather advice

We are due for some colder weather in the next week or so. 


We aim to execise, play and learn outside providing it is safe - wet, windy, wintry weather will not stop us going out of doors.


Pupils should:

  • wear a warm coat
  • wear a hat, scarf and gloves
  • cover their legs: trousers, joggers, thick tights or leggings under skirts
  • wear a jumper or cardigan
  • wear sensible shoes or waterproof boots
  • wear warm clothes for outdoor PE
  • bring a change or footwear, socks and clothes in case of a need to change clothes 
  • bring a water bottle 
  • we offer fruit - bring a healthy snack if you prefer


Government leaflet 2022 Cold weather advice     click the link 


weather reports from the met office    click the link    click the link